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[FANACCOUNT] 140715 - JUNHO 2nd Solo Tour ‘FEEL’ (Fukuoka - Day 2)

Fan Account via nuneo2daKAY

Fans did their best to scream/chant during Next To You commentary and Junho just smiled >< cr dlwtnslek

Junho sang all of Next To You today and during the emotional part, he asked the fans to sing together or something like that and the Japanese fans answered him with a yes~ in Korean. cr dlwtnslek

Because today’s the last performance in Fukuoka, Junho kept on saying ‘we’ll have to promise to meet once again’ to the fans>< cr dlwtnslek

After sining ‘Kanede’ Junho said that he’s really happy because he fulfilled his promise. he then say ‘toottemoo too~~~~ttemo~~~~~~’ (‘for re~~~~~al’) cr dlwtnslek

During the ‘doing wind effect’ dance in Zero Point, one of the dancers almost lifted Junho’s shirt to reveal his tummy so Junho directly touched his tummy ㅋㅋㅋ cr co_riahn

Because fans really like Give It To Me, Junho tried to make them sing starting from the 2nd part of the song but he failed ㅋㅋㅋ later on he sang them all on his own and aimed the mic to the audience everytime he finished singing each words so it looked like the audiences sang them ㅋㅋㅋ cr co_riahn

The lucky girl was really cute today. She danced together with Junho and also followed the song rythm >< But later on Junho grabbed both her hands, and looked to the front with a playful expression ㅋㅋ cr dlwtnslek

Junho brightly laughed while doing that ear motion of kimi no koe at the end of the performance >_< cr dlwtnslek

At the end, Junho said he’s going to throw his towel but he lost himself to the song ㅋㅋㅋ and then, he pretended to throw it but he didn’t. He then pretended to kick it, he didn’t send it away again xD in the end, he went up the stairs and threw it after jumping down for a few times cr dlwtnslek

Junho sang Give It To Me until the rap part, but he stopped at the last part because he forgot the lyrics ㅋㅋㅋ cr oyudong

When Junho was explaining about Kimino Koe, he asked the fans ‘this song is???’ then the fans said ‘Masterpiece!!!’ which Junho replied ‘ah really?’ while playing innocent ㅋㅋㅋcr dlwtnslek

Fan Account via phny0203

Today’s lucky girl was really daebak! When Junho was dancing, she was dancing along too. When Junho saw it he was like “Oh! ”Σ(OωO )! “” He laughed happily 
(JPN > CHI: @人类已经无法阻止我喜欢鞠糯糯 
cr 27maruchi)

xDD When ending // JH : Bye bye~~~ // FANS : Bye bye~~~~ // JH : But there is one more song (JPN > CHI: @人类已经无法阻止我喜欢鞠糯糯 cr iko751122)

At today’s encore, Junho said, “Please always love me like this!!! Then…. also give a lots of love for 2PM!!! En…. because….. I’m forever Junho from 2PM <33333
(Cr: kana眯眼控)

[FANACCOUNT] 140714 - JUNHO 2nd Solo Tour ’ FEEL’ (Fukuoka - Day 1)

Fan account cr jngwyng

During Next to you perf, it showed pictures of him from when he was baby until he became a 2pm member.

I was really touched when It showed bunch of 2pm pictures from their 1st anniv here in Japan until Tokyo Dome concert

They also showed the rainbow ocean in Tokyo Dome *A*

When Junho was drinking, a fan shouted ‘i want to drink too’ then Junho teased the fan by pretending to give the tumbler to her XD

When Junho asked “who wants to be my date”, they chose a fan to go on the stage.


There wasn’t a lot of skinship tho (lmao unlike the one during jun.k’s concert XD)

Junho was so adorable speaking Hakata dialect! Ugghhh i just want to squish him!

There was a clip where Emperor Penpen was thinking of what goods he’s going to produce & the name of the company is Penpen Entertainment lol

Fans kept on screaming when Junho said ‘i love you’, ‘aishiteru’, ‘daisuki’, ‘omae ga suki’ and ‘saranghae’

Fan account via nuneo2daKAY

When Junho’s in the middle of singing Next To You, he suddenly stopped and turned the mic to the audience. It took a while after he sang once again. His nose and ears were red and there were tears on both his cheeks T___T cr P_BADA_

Before Junho sang the cover song ‘Kanede’ he said: Didn’t I say that this year I will sing a song I promised? Now that I sang Kanede full, I’ve kept a promise! cr dlwtnslek

When Junho introduced that cover song’s artist who is ‘Sukima Switch’ he somewhat read it a bit weirdly like ‘Sukima-Su witch’ lol cr dlwtnslek

Junho also slipped some Koreans even when he was speaking Japanese. And at some point, there was a fan that shouted ‘Junho!!!’ so Junho said ‘Yes, I’m Junho. In case there’s any of you here that doesn’t know me.’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ cr dlwtnslek

When Junho’s singing Kimiga Ireba, he couldn’t sing a part at the endㅋㅋ and he said he’d pass that part but the fans became noisy so he asked ‘do you like this part? do you want to hear it?’ the fans said yes!!! and he said thank you and told them to listen to the part at home ㅋㅋㅋㅋ dlwtnslek

After Junho sang Next To You, he asked the fans how was it (that he cried for a bit) and as the fans said ‘daijobu (it’s okay)’, he asked again ‘daijobu desuka? (is it okay?)’ while slightly laughing, and he asked again in Korea ‘gwenchanayo? (is it okay?)” ㅠㅠ cr dlwtnslek

Junho’s outfit at the end was yellow shirt, with FEEL cap, sport shoes, and he wore bracelets. He also tied FEEL jumper around his waist but it slowly went down little by litte. At the very end before he exited, it finally slided down cr P_BADA_

During the lucky girl part, there was supposed to be a part where Junho held out his hand and the girl would put her hand on his. Today the lucky girl, with a totally kind expression, only slightly put the tip of her hand then Junho directly grabbed it so she pulled back ㅋㅋㅋ cr dlwtnslek

When Junho was explaining about I Love You, he said all ‘I love You’ ‘Aishiteru’ ‘Daisuki’ ‘Omaega sukida! (I like you)’ and ‘Saranghae’ >_< cr dlwtnslek

Junho went while humming to ‘Dangerous’ as the ending song >.< He exited while stepping backwards, disappeared for a while to appear again and made a heart sign. He disappeared and appeared again to wave his hands. He did it once again in the end >< cr dlwtnslek

Fan account via phny0203

When the LED showed words,
JH: Everyone let’s read it together
FANS: You read!!!
Then Junho start reading silently 
(JPN > CHI: @人类已经无法阻止我喜欢鞠糯糯, cr 27maruchi)

Junho said his thoughts about place 1 on Oricon “Happy, Happy …. すき(Like)…すし(Sushi)し I’m sorry……..” Junho mis pronounced it to sushi 
(JPN > CHI: @人类已经无法阻止我喜欢鞠糯糯, cr 27maruchi)

LOL at this Junho » When a lucky got picked to the stage. She sit in front of him but he kept playing with the bread on the table and acting cute. He suddenly left the lucky girl, sit on the sliding chair. He slide to the first row and acting cute to the fans (cr: kana眯眼控)

When he was singing the highlight of “next to you” … in the big screen appeared a photo of six members of 2PM standing on the stage and the lyrics is “From today onwards, I will protect you, protect ypu by using my hands”after sang this, he lowered his head and close his eyes…. his tears kept flowing T________T (cr: kana眯眼控)



I can’t believe it
キミに 逢った瞬間 世界は 時間を止めて
モノクロな日々を カラーに 塗り替えてく
まるでなにもかもが 見えなくなるくらい
(I found love ×3)
(I fell in love, I fell in love with you)
Stop baby I know you want it too
キミのこと もっと知りたいよ My love
This love is true I just wanna be with you
Take my hand キミを感じてたい
Can you feel feel feel my love
感じて ありのまま
始めたいよ (I’m flying ×3)
キミを感じるだけで 記憶の
Don’t let go of my hand
I just believe you
運命があるなら きっと この感触さ
キミと手をつないで ずっと歩きたいよ
Step by step You know I want you more
キミなしじゃ もう進めないよ My way
This love is true I just wanna be with you
Take my heart キミが欲しいよ
Can you feel feel feel my love
眠りたいよ (I’m flying ×3)
自由になれたような 気がする
愛を知り 僕は変わったのさ
I never let you go
Can you feel (feel) my love
感じて 僕の想い
届けたい (Flying flying)
夢よ 醒めないで
キミを感じるだけで まだ見ぬ
永遠を 僕にくれないか
Don’t let go of my hand


I can’t believe it
Kimi ni atta shunkan sekai wa jikan wo tomete
atto yuuma
monokuro na hibi wo karaa ni nuri kaeteku
marude nani mo kamo ga mienaku naru kurai
(I found love ×3)
sono sugata ni kokoro ubawareteru no sa
(I fell in love, I fell in love with you)
Stop baby I know you want it too
kimi no koto motto shiritai yo My love
This love is true I just wanna be with you
Take my hand kimi wo kanjite tai
Can you feel feel feel my love
kanjite ari no mama
hajimetai yo (I’m flying ×3)
kako wo tobi koete
kimi wo kanjiru dake de kioku no
yami mo keshite ikeru
itsumade mo boku no soba ni ite
Don’t let go of my hand
I just believe you
unmei ga aru nara kitto kono kanshoku sa
mirai e
kimi to te wo tsunai de zutto arukitai yo
Step by step You know I want you more
kimi nashi ja mou susume nai yo My way
This love is true I just wanna be with you
Take my heart kimi ga hoshii yo
Can you feel feel feel my love
yasahii kaori de
nemuritai yo (I’m flying ×3)
subete nugisutete
kimi wo kanjiru tabi ni
jiyuu ni nare ta you na ki ga suru
ai wo shiri boku wa kawatta no sa
I never let you go
Can you feel (feel) my love
kanjite boku no omoi
todoketai (Flying flying)
yume yo same nai de
kimi wo kanjiru dake de mada mi nu
asu mo kowaku nai sa
eien wo boku ni kurenai ka
Don’t let go of my hand


I can’t believe it
The world’s time stopped the moment I met you
In the blink of an eye
The monochrome days were painted over into color

Almost as if I’m becoming blind to everything else
(I found love x3)
Your image is robbing me of my heart
(I fell in love, I fell in love with you)

Stop baby I know you want it too
I want to know more about you  My love
This love is true  I just wanna be with you
Take my hand  I want to feel you

Can you feel feel feel my love
Feel it  I want to start
just like that (I’m flying x3)
Skip over the past
Just by feeling you, my darkest
memories disappear
Stay by my side forever
Don’t let go of my hand

I just believe you
If fate exists it would surely feel like this
To the future
I want to walk hand in hand with you always

Step by step  You know I want you more
I can’t go on without you  My way
This love is true  I just wanna be with you
Take my heart  I want you

Can you feel feel feel my love
I want to sleep
in your sweet scent (I’m flying x3)
Throw everything off
When I touch you
I feel like I’ve been freed
Knowing love has changed me
I never let you go

Can you feel (feel) my love
Feel it  I want you to know
how I feel (Flying flying)
It’s a dream  Don’t wake up
Just by feeling you, I’m not afraid
of the morning I haven’t yet seen
Won’t you give yourself to me for eternity?
Don’t let go of my hand


JPN » ROM by retropedia

JPN » ENG by dawnjelly

[TRANS] 140707 - JUNHO (@dlwnsghek) Twitter Update:

I can still hear your voice supporting me at NHK hall today. I was so happy. Thank you everyone for always lighting up my way!

Trans by: 2pmalways

[TRANS] 140707 - JUNHO (@dlwnsghek) Twitter Update:

I can still hear your voice supporting me at NHK hall today. I was so happy. Thank you everyone for always lighting up my way!

Trans by: 2pmalways

[FANACCOUNT] 140707 - JUNHO at NHK Music Japan Recording

Fan Account via: theSmilingEyes 

  • [MJ talk]
Q: Don’t you feel lonely when doing activities by yourself?JH: As expected, being alone is kinda lonely. But members and fans are here, I’m not lonely^^ (via: eeevian)
  • [MJ talk]
Q: Any memories in Summer?
JH: Talking of Summer, it’s the season that I made my solo debut in Japan
(Fans SCREAM~~~)
JH: When I get the job done…always ice-cream (gesturing like holding ice-cream on one hand) 
(via: eeevian)

Fan Account via: phny0203

  • Junho sang FEEL on MJ today. He kept eye-smiling when he was interviewed. He said, En~ Everyone is my summer~ it’s the most blissful thing to eat ice cream every times after finishing concert (cr: kana眯眼控)
  • After Junho finshed singing, “Thank you everyone for listening my song” *make a heart shape* “Go home safely” *flying kiss* (JPN > CHI: 人类已经无法阻止我喜欢鞠糯糯, cr ama1ama21)

Fan Account via: nuneo2daKAY

  • Junho made a mistake during the first talk/explanation time. He said yappori instead of yappari (as expected) (cr: kaotyiw, via: JHdahong)
  • Junho’s appearance was second last! Another idol’s fan: Isn’t the popularity of that person named Junho dangerous? // >< (via: misikga0)


Halo, JYP Nation Indonesia,

Seperti yang kita ketahui bahwa salah satu event dari JYP Entertainment yang paling ditunggu oleh fans JYP Nation, yaitu JYP Nation Concert akhirnya kembali dilangsungkan tahun 2014 ini.

Konser JYP Nation yang kali ini bertema ‘One Mic’ akan dimulai di Seoul tanggal…

[TRANS] 140704 - JUNHO’s Twitter (@dlwnsghek) Updates:

  • 2nd solo tour feel SAPPORO has ended! Thank you for your waiting! I enjoyed it so much!! penpen! Good night, everyone ^_^
  • 1st performance in Sapporo has ended safely! Fukuoka will follow! Pls look forward to it!^^ Thank you everyone!

(Trans by @theSmilingEyes)

[TRANS] 140704 - JYPE Japan (@JYPE_Japan) Updates:

JUNHO Solo Tour 2014 ‘FEEL’ 2nd Day in Sapporo! Happy for being able to feel your heart today again! Thank you so much ♥

Trans by: @theSmilingEyes